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Obviously in school we learn the word "toilette".

"la bite" in English

It couldn't be easier. But in reality once in France you are as much likely to hear people use the slang word "chiottes" to refer to the loo, bog, john Gregory Tonon. This word has scores of slang terms in every language and French is no exception. No surprise that a country known for its great wine would have tonnes of words for it.

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Yes, bad wine is even possible in France. France saw its lowest birth rate last year in over a decade, but its number of slang words for children is doing just fine. And for kids you're likely to hear "les gosses" in more informal settings. The criminal underworld is awash with jargon, presumably in order to cloak its nefarious activities. Cops seem to employ just about as much slang and jargon as their criminal counterparts. When it comes to work the French are often keen to call it anything but the normal word for it.

suce ma bite

French ladies are known in the Anglo world for their trim figure, effortless style and top notch parenting skills. The first Frech words you'll be taught are Bonjour and Au revoir.

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Don't us wrong they are useful, in fact "bonjour" is probably the most important word in French. But in informal situations in France you are much more likely to hear "salut" which can also be used to ssay goodbye or even "Coucou".

Translation of "bite" in French

For goodbye you'll often hear peple just sat "A Plus" or even "bisous", which means kisses. These phrases are generally OK in polite company. With kids being behind most slang words it's not surprising that there is a slang word for school, which is "bahut".

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And it's the same for university, which you will probably hear students refer to as "le fac". It's worth noting that "bahut" is also slang for taxi and truck as well.

It's pronounced [bah u]. And there's also a slang verb for "to get dressed" - "se fringuer" - that you can use instead of "s'habiller". And finally it will come as no surprise to anyone that the French, famous for their smoking habits, have a few different words for cigarettes.

Best stick to "cigarette" if you are in formal surroundings.

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Then there is the slightly derogatory "les vieux", which is used to refer to parents, to the distinctly derogatory "belle-doche" which is an alternative to "belle-mere" for mother-in-law. Warning: only use if you're certain she's not around! Oh and you might hear the family dog referred to as a "clebard" rather than a "chien".

And lastly, if someone tells you that they "kiffe" your new hair cut, take it as a compliment. However, don't bother telling an elderly person that you "kiffe" anything of theirs.

French government urges Air France to pursue reforms as strikes bite - Reuters

The likelihood of them knowing what you mean is slim. So you will understand why older people may not view this as a positive word, either.

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How learning a language as a child opened up France and the world to me. Close to 85 percent of flights are likely to run on Monday, the carrier said. The company declined to comment further on what format that would take or how long the transition would last. Until new management plans are in place, Air France executives lack a mandate to continue negotiations with unions, prolonging the dispute. Some worker representatives hit back at Le Maire on Sunday, after he called their demands unjustified.

Unions had been calling for a salary hike of 5. French travelers have faced transport misery since early April, and Le Maire said the drag on economic growth from the strikes stood at around 0.

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Representatives from Air France unions are due to meet on Monday.