Gucci and the grumpy swan (the adventures of gucci the puppy)

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While Max might have a personality all his own, he shares his name with almost dogs registered in Riverside County. Max is the fourth most-common dog name in the county and the second most-common male dog name, according to data from the Riverside County Department of Animal Services.

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There are lots of Lalas, Cookies, Shadows and Peanuts in the data. If you call Pugsley, for example, 12 dogs will come but only eight of them will be a pug or pug mix. Included in the data is a dachshund named Ragoo and an Akita named Toshiba. There are more, if you count the incorrectly spelled Chewbaccas. So, they decided to call her what she was: a Bad B- well, this is a family paper. They shortened it to Bebe. The most common dog breeds are the kinds you hear about every day.

Missing School by Khamanna Isdandarova khamanna Short - Influenced by a powerful drawing, a boy makes an important decision. His brother helps too. A Mission in Paradise by Julian Singleton Gambit Short, Thriller, Psychological Thriller - The three survivors of an ill-fated voyage to the New World must trek to their settlement before the start of a deadly thunderstorm. Mississippi Exchange by M Moses Short, Drama - A mentally slow white boy in 's Mississippi befriends a community of blacks in the small town of Falkner.

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Evening finds Hollis Ray in the backwoods at a local juke joint where he exchanges reading lessons in order to learn how to dance. With color not an issue, the relationship between the boy and the joint patrons has flourished, until one night a wanted man brings the local law and unwanted attention to the events taking place at Sweetly's juke joint. Mississippi Midnight by Spencer McDonald Short - It's after midnight and a desperate son seeks the saftey of his parents home.

He struggles against the clan and gets saved by an associate. Mister Big Apple by Michel J. Duthin Drama - The year is A taxidriver is determined to succeed in New York City. At first naive, he soon begins to learn that the exploitation of women and sex give attains quicker results than mere talent and hard work.

Mister D.

That is, until Mr. Freemont offers her a way out. Mitch by Mark Moore irish eyes Short - With the imminent arrival of the prince of darkness and death to all humanity, three good witches summon up an unlikely hero from the spirit world.

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Monday Night Girlfriend by Elaine Phillips Dramedy - Tim is a permanently single, divorced business man who combines work, caring for his three daughters and training for a forthcoming Iron Man distance triathlon in his busy schedule. Meanwhile his close friends, play cupid by developing a bespoke online search for a genuine female companion to spend time with Tim on his one free night of the week, when love inadvertently blossoms.

Mo and Claire by Fausto Lucignani Short, Drama - A woman refrains from espousing xenophobia but she can't avoid the consequences of her decision. When he realizes his grandfather has a serendipitous inside connection, he sees his opportunity to go big. Model's Wanted by Simon Parker Short, Horror - A beautiful model becomes trapped in a warehouse where she finds an underworld gang who plaster cast beautiful girls, hands, arms, legs and feet.

Chop them off and sell them as high end mannequin part to the the worlds most expensive fashion stores. Modern Western by Benjamin Pearce Western, Comedy - Obsessed with western culture, wanna-b outlaws Iriam McDowell and Connor Wright clash and spread western violence throughout Pennsylvania, bringing the west to the east. But after they rob the same bank notorious outlaw Jimmy Orwell plans to rob, Orwell and his gang do everything in their power to find the two amateurs and kill them before they give the way of the outlaw a bad reputation.

While all of this is going on, Sheriff Stalin is on the case of the bank robbery, and is also breaking the rules of the badge to find Iriam and Connor, not knowing infamous outlaw Jimmy Orwell and his gang are involved. Modified by Brandon Stephens Short - A disabled woman reluctantly follows her friend to an amusement boardwalk and finds an unexpected attraction. Writer interested in any and all feedback. Mollycoddled by L. Chambers Short, Dramedy - After they're turfed out, one man and his dog discover there might be trouble and strife at home, but out in the big wide world the Nanny state has gone haywire.

Molniya 7 by Anthony M. Dionisio Sci Fi, Fantasy - A reckless American astronaut risks everything to save seven world leaders trapped on board a crippled Russian space station before it crashes to Earth. Mom: Circa by Darryl Allen Comedy - An age-obsessed mother tries a beauty product that ages her into a child. She soon learns a difficult truth that may shatter or complete her world.

Because Momma knows best. Mommy Loves You by Richard F. Russell Short, Drama - A woman takes a baby to the airport. Moments that transcends time.

. Gucci And The Grumpy Swan (the Adventures Of Gucci The Puppy)

Every persons own private literature. A link that connects the past, determines the present, and contributes to our future. Mon Triomphe by Val Valdez Drama - Lydia, a young artist struggles with a past tragedy forced upon her by her misguided parents. She finds a mysterious key which reads, 'Mon Triomphe , Return for a Reward. Sara finally confides to Lydia about Mon Triomphe, a magical place where a reward awaits her if only Lydia believes in it.

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A reluctant Lydia discovers Mon Triomphe, part palace and part prison, and the equally magical Shane. Together, they plan a new life but must overcome his ruthless father and devious mother.

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A dying Omar begs to be reunited with Sara. Money in the Bank by Lope Labiyi Comedy - An entertaining comedy about a nineteen year old that gets a job at a bank and uses his employment to help run a bank scam that targets vulnerable old people. Money Maker, The by Xavier Gonzalez Short - A man named Money Maker holds up a bank with five other men, but will a simple 'walk in and take the money' turn into something much worse?.. While Tom becomes involved in money problems with the shady Sir Francis Tresham, Henry becomes romantically entangled with Sir Francis's daughter, Beatrice, who turns out to be a raving nymphomaniac.

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To Tom's horror, Henry has also become engaged to Mary, daughter of Roger Ruffage, the local bookie, while to add to the complications, Henry also manages to steal Tom's own girlfriend. As the complications increase, imminent doom stares Henry in the face in the shape of a shotgun wedding arranged by the enraged Roger, but the family solicitor, Mr Wrightall, saves the day with a surprising revelation about Henry and his father.

Period piece - s, set in an English country village using one interior set. Everyone has their own style and "lies". Monique by Richard F. Russell Short, Drama - A man finds the perfect phone app--or does he? But things get a little complicated. Images from a recent nightmare bombard Burns' sense of reality as he helplessly grasps for an explanation, anything that would explain this living hell. Monkey Boxing by Robert Walker Sci Fi - Bike Week in Daytona will never be the same after a team of ghost hunters discovers that many of the bikers belong to a secret society of paranormals that date back to the days of man's origin.

The team get more than they bargain for as their investigations backfire on them. Only the result may vary from what you expect. Based on the short story. Monsanto Man by Wes Chick Wes Short, Comedy - Kirk is exposed to chemicals and radiation at a Monsanto plant giving him powers to cause plants to grow extremely fast.