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There are few high ground escapes here.

2 Days in Zion – Itinerary Overview

The steady uptick of people will continue to increase as you get closer to the exit at the Temple of Sinawava trailhead. To get there, drive 2. Take a left on the paved route that goes north and continue 18 miles to a bridge that crosses the North Fork of the Virgin River. The route starts out paved but switches to gravel along the way.

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You may need to open it, and if so, be sure to close it behind you. Drive another half-mile in and park just before the road crosses the river. Sedans can usually make it out to the ranch in dry weather, but things can get dodgy fast when the rain falls. The unpaved road gets very slick with mud.

Snow closes the road out to the ranch entirely in winter. You'll need to take a shuttle service, hire someone to drive you, or take two cars and shuttle yourself to hike this route. Using two cars is the most economical, but it's also very time consuming. Commercial shuttle service is available to Chamberlain's Ranch.

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The park shuttle is expected to begin running on weekends in February until full time service starts on in March. We always recommend calling the Visitor Center , as shuttle availability can change year-to-year. The Narrows offers 12 numbered sites. Register for a campsite when you pick up you Zion backcountry permit.

Pre-registrations are recommended for weekend trips. Campsite capacity is limited and only two sites can accommodate groups of more than 6 individuals. If anything, you should select a campsite that matches your group size. The following is a list of campsites and size:. Just before you reach Campsite 1, the river dives over a foot waterfall, which you can bypass by staying left and hiking up and over a steep, narrow but well defined path. The campsite is downstream of the falls on a fairly flat spot near the Deep Creek confluence.

It can be reserved in advance. Located on the right side of the river just past a waterfall about a minute hike from the Deep Creek site. Look for a sharp bench about 10 feet above the river. Over the next two to three miles, there are 10 more campsites located about a minute walk downstream from each other. Keep an eye out for campsite markers as they're not all obvious.

Another minute walk and located on the right hand bench in a small stand of maple trees about 20 feet above the river. Pre-reserve or get a walk-up permit. Look for a large flat rock next to the river about 10 minutes downstream from Campsite 3. The site is up on a bench about 6 feet above the river next to the canyon wall.

About 5 minutes downstream from Flat Rock, look for a sandy area on the bench to the right just before Kolob Creek confluence. Pre-reserve or register on a walk-up basis. Also on the right about 20 feet above the river on a bench. Across the river from Box Elder, around a sharp bend, follow the trail on the right up slope for about 50 feet. This one is on the left, about a minute hike beyond Boulder Camp on a foot bench next to the canyon wall, also in a grove of maples. Located near Goose Creek, which about 1.

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Look up on the left side of the river to a foot high bench featuring a stand of maple and Douglas fir. Keep in mind that Big Springs is also the typical turnaround spot for day hikers coming up from the Temple of Sinawava. The site can be pre-reserved or permitted on a walk-up basis. You could choose to walk the entire length of the Narrows in one day, though calling it a grueling undertaking would be an understatement.

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In the best of conditions for experienced hikers, it will take you about 12 hours to cover the mile route. Wilderness permits are required to enter and hike the Narrows, and as with overnights, they are not issued when the flow is cfs or greater. This route is very crowded during shoulder and peak season. To date, there are no specific guidebooks detailing just the Narrows.

There are several regional books that cover it as part of their overall Utah or Zion National Park coverage. They also encourage hikers to carry in all of their water. Having said that, they also recommend drinking one gallon per person per day, which is a lot of water weight on your back. We recommend carrying a gallon to get you to Big Spring.

Fill up and treat for your final day out.

We often use the SteriPEN Ultra when backpacking, but in the desert we usually prefer chemical treatments. The lightest and most foolproof method is chlorine dioxide tablets or drops. If you prefer to filter your water, our top choice is the Sawyer Squeeze.

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  6. Check out our water purification guide for more info and gear recommendations. That being said, stay on the main stem of the river and avoid hard rights and lefts, which in most cases lead to deadend side canyons.

    Why The Narrows Is Best Done Overnight From Top To Bottom

    In wider sections of the canyon you might still get a connection and can plot your location. Caltopo is another excellent pre-trip mapping software that we recommend. Pee in the water, but carry human waste disposal bags to haul out your solid waste. When you pick up your permit, the backcountry staff will hand you a Restop 2 compostable human waste disposal bag.

    Essentially an oversized Ziploc, it contains compostable polymers that instantly break down waste and turn it into a deodorized gel. The bag is very secure as well as the most sanitary way to transport and pack out your waste. Throw it in the trash on exit. When wag bags aren't used, campsites smell awful and water sources become contaminated.

    This is for the greater good and you love nature, so please do your part to preserve this special place.

    The Poet Jack McEvoy Audiobook by Michael Connelly 1

    It strikes a good balance between weight, cost and livability and is included on our best lightweight backpacking tents list. It's incredibly light and comfortable if your base weight is minimal. Both are light, comfortable, warm, and make our list of the best backpacking sleeping pads.

    Mike Connelly talks about THE NARROWS to Ali Karim for Shots ezine

    Check out our list of the best water filters for more info. You'll be spending a good portion of this hike in water and your shoes will be wet for the entire trip. Footing is the biggest challenge in riverbeds and on the steep banks along the river. Also, water temperature at certain times of the year can be very cold, so mm neoprene socks are highly recommended.