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Well, I am trying to understand the real motive behind writing this article. In a world full of problems, both with Muslim extremism and other issues including the western policies which have been the silent forces for many problems in today's world , what was TE tying do here? Are they not actually trying to instigate something here?! The article certainly doesn't seem be asking this question so it can be applied elsewhere in the world.

Sorry, but I don't think the article is not as naive as it seems.

The Religion of ISLAM

You sometimes do leave a grave doubt about your neutrality and motives, TE!!! There is no moderation in Islam India will also suffer Even the americans are also not liked even though they had shed their blood for freeing kuwait from their own invaders. All countries invaded by arabs are in a mess or cess pool of poverty from pakistan,bangladesh,libya,nigeria,yemen,afghanistan,iran,egypt etc etc.

World peace,prosperity,justice or equality is a pipe dream for next generation since muslim population will continue to grow exponentially. So there is hardly anything worthy of the current world You forgot to mention India and other prosperous former colonies of the glorious British Empire as examples of how much good and prosperity the latter brought to these benighted cultures.

Benighted cultures?? The starving thugs come and loot much more prosperous and resourceful but naive world. And call themselves 'glorious'? The kings and queens of thugs taking pride in stolen treasures, of course that's glorious Apologies for not reading your comment in the right way first time around.

What a farcical hypocrisy this magazine is Author suffers from the same sense of victimisation delusion that most Indian muslims seem to suffer from.

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This is such a pathetic lop sided article which talks about muslim populated Kashmir but doesnt give a damn to the Hindu Kashmiri Pandits who were thrown out by the same muslim dominated states. Apalling to see mags like this one ignore plight of more than native people thrown out of their homes in the worst kind of organised ethnic cleansing witnessed by this country.

Ditto with Bangladesh another muslim populated country. I wonder what it takes to churn out utter lies and one sided nonsense consistently without giving a damn to facts. Based on an analysis of German security services about radicalization in Germany, the most common factor is a failed educational career.

Just looked at that webpage Go-to say Charles Darwin was pretty good. Eventually these people are meant to die.

One way of getting rid of riff raff in this world. When would you think these local Moslems will want to invite rape?

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The foreign IS caliphate has just announced a re-invasion plan for India. TE tells us that Muslims are moderate in India. How do they account for the burning of a train by the Sunnis in Godhra? But then they seem to turn a blind eye to some of the hadiths. Does this mean that their children who may understand the Koran one day, may also be open to those anti-everybody hadiths? There are anti infidel hadiths , and only one that talks about peace with the infidels. This means that Islam, is like a sword hanging over your head, in any country in the world?

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Some food for thought. And are willing to stop them again. They even have a proper way to dress as a warrior [like the Armour of a christian , but real stuff - not an attitude ]. The answer to your question is just below our comments.

Police operation exposes Kosovo jihadist links

One of the comments on a similar subject on the British site stated this very clearly. This man asked his Pakistani accountable as to why there was a high rate of failures in the UK for Muslims. The accountant replied ' because of discrimination'. NOW if the accountant had some IQ, he would have thought about the fact that Hindus have the same discrimination as do the Jews some years ago. This stupid mentality holds them back. This usually means that they only listen to each other, thereby increasing conspiracy theories with unbalanced minds , and also not being very inclusive Eating together is the central part of socializing.

DID I say three? Nothing but ignorance ,and non-inclusiveness to loose.

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  • My objective is to get RAW out of Bangladesh. Yes but you still have an ISI presence there. I also believe that MI6 have a big presence there too. The russina are alos present. I am not sure about the French. You are a big supporter of the last Government are you not. That the AL is in power for a second term in highly contentious elections in and suggest it is RAW that is supreme and who is destroying the democratic process of the country.

    And eventually this led to those riots when those mullahs were put on trial. Otherwise you would be back to chaos again? Zia's sons were warned in the UK to stop behaving badly, by the CIA now if you don' t know all this, you should not be writing books that you cannot sell Except to the CIA.

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    The question is not why Indian Muslims are so moderate but why are they so docile and pliant in the face of mass discrimination and victimization despite having liberal laws, secularism and democracy. The obvious answer is that all three are just a sham hiding a Draconian legal regime imposed in some volatile regions of India, a society that is overwhelmingly Hindu and increasingly extremist and a democracy that is utterly corrupted, exclusionary and controlled largely by Hindu elites. The facade of India was blown away with the election of the BJP and the Hindu nationalists who have not wasted anytime in employing a chauvinistic and aggressive posture towards minorities, especially Muslims.

    This was the outcome that Muhammad Ali Jinnah was most concerned about which compelled him to adopt the Two Nation Theory and Partition as a solution to the travails faced by Muslims in an elitist Hindu dominated India. Most Indian Muslims appear to live in fear and are reluctant to speak their minds.

    Alongside these policies is the constant vilification of Pakistan and Bangladesh as centers of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism. Any sign of sympathy by Indian Muslims of Pakistan or Bangladesh is viewed as disloyalty and treachery by the Hindu elites.

    Human Rights Education in Asian Schools Volume VII

    RAW has been effective in keeping Pakistan and Bangladesh unstable through propaganda, subversion and sabotage so any linkages between Indian Muslims and their religious compatriots across the borders are kept at a minimum. I have dealt with several of these issues in my book The India Doctrine that analyses the plight of Indian Muslims, the cause of partition in , the war and the role of Indian intelligence in creating an unstable neighborhood that is beneficial to the Hindu elites in India. This post is a joke. Instead of analysing the plight of Indian Muslims, it would be better if you analysed the plight of Muslims or sub-sects in Pakistan, Iraq and Syria.

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    Even the hint of Obama being a Muslim, sends the US establishment into jitters. Mr Azim Premji, one of India's richest persons is a Muslim. The phenomenally rich diamond industry comprises primarily of Jains. Sikhs are amongst the most affluent groups. India is fortunate to be the chosen abode of the Dalai Lama, the spiritual head of the Buddhists.

    Please give similar examples from countries with majority other than Hindus - whether secular or otherwise. Please let me know how many applications are received by Pakistan from Muslims of India wishing to settle there. India plays hosts to nut cases like Owaisi who declares that if there is an Indo-Pak war, then Muslims of India will join the Pakistani army.

    Please give examples of such idiots amongst Hindus. I wonder why you have not accused them of the unrest in Iraq and Syria. The Hamas gives preference to spending money to build missile centres with children as shields, rather than spend it on food and education. Maybe they throw some crumbs at "intellectuals" like you. A Pakistani politician has already accused India for the flood waters in Pakistan. You seem to be in the same league, intellectually.