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Claim to fame: father of the chocolate bar. Claim to fame: invented milk chocolate. Claim to fame: Toblerone. A shout-out also to Konrad Egli, who reportedly invented the chocolate fondue in his New York restaurant Chalet Suisse in the mids as part of a promotion for Toblerone. Small rewards for your great loyalty.

Everything from our pralines , Luxemburgerli and cakes through to our sandwiches and desserts are all lovingly made by hand using the finest ingredients. The popular specialities can also be easily sent abroad from the online shop as birthday presents for family, friends and acquaintances.

Six reasons why Swiss chocolate is such a success | Swiss History

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While the chocolate factory produces raw chocolate a chocolatier produces products out of chocolate. The bigger factories make both, raw chocolate and confected chocolate like chocolate candies which can be bought at shops. There are only a few chocolate factories which can be visited by the public.

Artisan chocolate tour in Gruyere, Switzerland - How to make chocolate

Here some information about them. The Maison Cailler offers the largest and maybe completest exhibition about chocolate making. There are movies and guided tours which are very interesting.

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All the processes from the cocoa bean to the chocolate product is shown at Maison Cailler. By the way, Cailler is the only chocolate factory which uses fresh milk instead of milk powder for the production. It is possible to see how chocolate is packed.

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Also there is a lot of information about chocolate making. This place includes a little museum about old chocolate makes. Of course it is possible to taste chocolate and there is a shop.

Swiss chocolate

This factory is worth a visit if one is based somewhere at the Ticino. There are boats from Lugano and there is a train to Caslano. The Maestrani chocolarium at Flawil will open its doors in April It will replace the Schoggi Land. Chocolat Frey is the producer of chocolate sold by Migros.

The visitor center opened in