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The frame is billet aluminum and the slide billet stainless steel. Devin L.

A friend of mine compares it to the craftsmanship of a Swiss watch. I would agree. About Boberg Arms Corp.

World's smallest revolver doesn't have the world's smallest price

Focused on producing sleek, reliable hand guns, Boberg Arms Corp. Reviews Spyderco Amalgam.

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Boberg XR9-S, World’s Smallest, Most Powerful 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol

Gun Mart. Thompson writes "true" historical western fiction.

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Every location is, or was, true to the times Names of towns that no longer exist or names that have been changed come to life before your very eyes, page after exciting page. Towns, canyons and creeks you might have walked through on your vacation in the southwest are named correctly. Every location used in this novel may be visited today.

World's smallest gun is highly concealable, triggers fears | ZDNet

Most of the country Thompson writes about, he has rode over on horseback more than once. Before starting to write his novels, he did fifteen years of extensive research on top of the knowledge he already had gained from living his life in New Mexico.

This Smart Gun Could Save Lives

His love of cattle, horses, and the whole southwest, with its wide-open spaces, inspired him to write novels that express the beauty of the Southwest in print.