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I especially loved the difficult but touching relationship between Thomas and Ray, whose fraternal bond is repaired while solving the murder investigation, leading to a knock-your-socks-off ending!! I wouldn't call this book totally believable, but I really enjoyed reading it.

A decent thriller, but I struggled with it, especially the back-story about brothers Thomas and Ray and the death of their father. The usual twists and turns to be expected in a Linwood Barclay story were all there and there's an almighty sting in the tail. Not my favourite Linwood Barclay book and it should have been trimmed from the plus page read, but after a sluggish start, the action really rattles along.

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Aug 22, Anne rated it it was amazing. Linwood Barclay is a hugely successful author. His back catalogue include his memoir Last Resort, a series of comic thrillers featuring the character Zach Walker and seven very popular stand-alone novels. The first of these stand-alones is No Time For Goodbye which was the single bestselling novel in the UK in , and has been optioned for a movie. Trust Your Eyes h Linwood Barclay is a hugely successful author. Trust Your Eyes hooked me in from the first sentence, with a prologue that is intriguing and taunts the reader with snippets of what is yet to come.

Ray and Thomas Kilbride are two brothers and very different characters. Thomas spends his days in his room, memorising city maps from all over the world.

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He is addicted to the website Whirl - a site that allows the user to visit anywhere in the world from the comfort of their own home. Thomas does nothing but this, except eat, take his medication and make very infrequent trips to his psychiatrist. Ray is an illustrator, he moved away some time age, but is now home trying to sort out the family home and what to do about Thomas after the accidental death of their father When Whirl throws up something suspicious looking in a random window, on a random street in New York, Thomas is convinced that there has been a murder. The Kilbride brothers find themselves smack bang in the middle of a deadly conspiracy game, being played out by some powerful, and very dangerous people Trust Your Eyes is a multi-layered, complicated thriller, told in an accessible and totally uncomplicated way.

The suspense is taut right from the beginning, the pace is furious, the tension is often unrelenting. There are enough red herrings thrown at the reader to start a stall on a fish market, and just when you think you've worked something out Linwood Barclay throws another spanner into the works. I certainly had every one of my theories blown way way out of the window as I was reading, which only keeps up the level of suspense right up until the very last sentence.

The different threads of the story are effortlessly tied together, the characters are scarily life like. The issues of mental illness is dealt with sensitively, yet conveys the frustration that can be caused to family members, and also the devastation at times View all 5 comments. May 12, Christa rated it it was amazing Shelves: audible. Trust Your Eyes was a compelling book with some twists and turns. The characters were very interesting, the storyline was fast paced and kept me thinking, and I really liked the way all of the different angles of the storyline came together.

I thought this was a very clever book. Ray Kilbride returns home to Promise Falls, New York after the death of his father to put affairs in order. He has some decisions to make about his younger brother Thomas, as he is schizophrenic, spends all d Trust Your Eyes was a compelling book with some twists and turns. He has some decisions to make about his younger brother Thomas, as he is schizophrenic, spends all day in his room on his computer, and has never been expected to take care of himself or anything in the household.

Shortly after Ray's arrival, Thomas sees something terribly disturbing online and sends Ray to investigate it. This causes them to become caught up in a scandal involving politics, blackmail, and a number of brutal murders. As they innocently become embroiled in this, secrets of their own family begin to come to light. Thomas was a very interesting character. I liked the action and thought there was plenty of suspense as well.

I found parts to be surprising, and I thoroughly enjoyed the book.


Read my mini review here Or below Trust Your Eyes by Linwood Barclay was such an unexpected pleasure. Unexpected because I have a tendency of figuring out the mystery in mystery novels. It is rare when I can be fooled by the ending in a good mystery novel. I usually see the twists early on. This book had me fooled over and over again.

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It was so unique in its storyline and the plot twists had me actually rereading parts o Read my mini review here It was so unique in its storyline and the plot twists had me actually rereading parts of the book in amazement. Barclay absolutely won me over. In fact, I ended up downloading two of his other novels right after finishing this one. Nov 12, E. I'll admit, it took me a while to sort out all the characters and their story lines, but once it happened this book really took off.

The way the different situations began to intersect and relate to each other was hugely entertaining. There were several times I was gasping and laughing simultaneously.

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Great characters, interesting twists and lots of them and an ending that was surprising. This one hit all my criteria for five stars. I'm off to another Linwood Barclay right away!

If ever there was a best thriller of the year, this is it! With so much twists and turns as well as colorful characters, I just could not put this book down. Thomas is so delightfully funny! Well done, Mr Barclay. You have really created a masterpiece and I look forward to now reading your latest book!

A very interesting premise that leads to suspenseful reading. I had wanted my F2F book club to read this book, but not enough others did.

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So I read it on my own. I really like Linwood Barclay's writing. Every book he writes is unique and so far I haven't read a dud. Apr 10, Marla rated it really liked it Shelves: audiobooks. Great suspenseful murder mystery. Lots of things happening. I listened to the book.

It kept my attention even though I was at work. Well worth my time! Sep 07, Luanne Ollivier rated it it was amazing. In tiny letters on the front cover it also says 'A Thriller. Barclay is always good for a wild ride of a read, but this time he's outdone himself!

Thomas Kilbride loves maps. When a new computer program called Whirl is released he is in heaven. He can continue his 'work' - memorizing the streets of all the major cities in the world. You could click on a specific street, and see it. Really see it. Like you were standing there, right in the middle of it. With each click of the mouse you progressed several yards ahead. If something in a store window or a restaurant caught your eye, you could zoom in on it.

And then one day, Thomas looks up at a building in New York. Normally he doesn't, but today he does. And he sees something - "What was that he was witnessing?