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Tyler Dikman started his own businesses when he just five. This has included everything from lemonade stands, mowing lawns, babysitting, and even a magic show business. By the time he was 15 he launched Cooltronics, a business that repaired computers, as a hobby. In just two years, which was in , it became worth a million dollars.

After teaching himself how to code in middle, Christian Owens started his first business at the the age of With Mac Bundle Box, he was able to offer simple and discounted Mac applications packages after he negotiated with developers and manufacturers. He also founded Branchr Advertising.

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When he was just 15 years old, Adam Horwitz made it a goal to become a millionaire by his 21st birthday. After launching several start-up websites, Horwitz found success with Mobile Monopoly, which is an app that teaches users how to turn a profit with mobile market leads. He also started the text advertising service for businesses YepText. David and Catherine Cook are the sibling masterminds behind MYearbook in , which was a popular social media site based on where you went to school.

Drive results with fullscreen ads tailored to the mobile-first generation.

It focuses on helping users discover new people to chat with on mobile devices. Acidwalla is now a multimillionaire, investor, and TedX speaker. When she was 10, Maddie Bradshaw wanted to decorate her locker. They are descriptive of what the site is about, so for example, ExpertPhotography. When my friend approached me to help him come up with a domain for an outsourcing site, I asked him, whats the goals of your blog? He told me it was to save entrepreneurs time by outsourcing.

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I recommended he named his site SaveTimeOutsource. Personally, I would only go for a. To register your domain, go to a website called NameCheap.


Of course, feel free to shop around and choose a different registrar, the only main difference between companies is the level of customer support. Your on my website right now, to do this, I have to host it on a server so that people can come and visit it. I personally recommend to start with, you use HostGator.

One of the main reasons why I recommend hosting with HostGator , is because they have a tool in their user control panel called QuickInstall, which allows you to install WordPress website software with one click. Now that you have a domain and web hosting, you have to let them know you want to use the two together. When you purchase your hosting from HostGator , they will email you two nameservers.

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You then login to GoDaddy, edit your domain settings and type in your nameserver address. Then your domain and hosting will be connected. Switching Hosts? If you are thinking about switching to a new web host, NameCheap and HostGator offer a free migration service. This means, they will transfer everything from your old host, to their service. I recommend everybody uses WordPress to run their website.


Back when I started, installing website software would be no easy task. At this point, your website should look something similar to this. The designs may be different, depending on which free design WordPress are offering pre-installed at the time. By using WordPress, you are now able to use over , already created blog designs.

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Some free and some much better that come at a small cost. Once you have chosen and downloaded your blog theme, you need to log into your WordPress admin area.

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